School Information

About Cheerise Japanese Language Academy

Cheerise Japanese Language Academy is a Japanese language school that prepares students not only for higher education but also for finding a job.
In addition to the main course, which prepares students to pass the JLPT N1 to N2, we also offer free special elective classes to prepare students for higher education or finding a job.
By learning the Japanese language in the main course and moving on to higher education or finding a job through the elective special classes, you will be able to move toward the future you desire.


Our purpose is to develop the individuals who acquire comprehensive Japanese language skills that can be used in Japanese society, think deeply about their own future and take the initiative to make their own path of lives.

We aim to create a school where the students from Asia and the other countries gather to learn the Japanese language, respect each other's culture, empathize with each person's way of life and value each personality.

Educational Goals

  • (1) In addition to a high level of Japanese language proficiency, the students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and society in general, and build a foundation that will enable them to cope with Japanese society.
  • (2) Through the academic and career counseling and the elective special classes, the students will acquire the ability to analyze themselves, identify the issues, make the plans and implement them.
  • (3) We aim to have every student seeking higher education enter as they wish, such as graduate schools, universities or vocational schools. Also, we aim to have every student seeking a job find it as they wish.

Distinctive Features

1. You can decide your career path even after admission!

1. You can "decide your future path" even "after enrollment"

Our courses are "general courses" which help the students prepare for both higher education and finding a job.
The students can learn Japanese thoroughly in the regular course and learn about higher education or finding a job in elective special classes (free of charge) during the second year of the course.

After enrollment, the students can decide their future path or change it through counseling, etc. It is the most distinguished feature of our school.
2 years general course: 1600 hours of Japanese language study / One and a half years general course: 1200 hours of Japanese language study

Elective special classes (free of charge): 100 hours
Reinforcement for higher education: preparation for EJU elective subjects, interview and application guidance, etc.
Reinforcement for finding a job: industry research, business etiquette, interview and how to make an application, etc.

2. Friendly guidance for life, study, and career!

2. Kind and friendly guidance about daily life, study, and future path!

We provide kind and friendly guidance through individual counseling, etc for daily life such as housing and part-time jobs as well as study and future path so that the students can enter higher education or find a job as they wish. In addition, practical Japanese language study using PCs is also provided before graduation.

  • (1) Daily life support and guidance (housing, health insurance, part-time jobs, etc.)
  • (2) Information room is open for finding a job. Guidance is also available to learn how to do internet research on universities and companies.
  • (3) Preparation for JLPT, EJU, job hunting and interviews.
  • (4) Studying practical Japanese language using PCs, etc.
3. Interaction with Japanese people and Japanese society!

3. Interaction with Japanese people and Japanese society!

The Students can learn practical and real-life Japanese through interaction with Japanese people by participating in the events and organizing them. In addition, the students can experience Japanese society and culture, then learn more about Japan through the extracurricular activities such as field trips.

  • (1) Cross-cultural exchange events (introducing different cultures by inviting local residents, etc.)
  • (2) International Cooking Festival
  • (3) Extracurricular activities *Please see the schedule of events.
  • (4) Speech contest

Event Schedule

July: Cross-cultural exchange (inviting local people), field trips
December: International Cooking Festival (local residents to be invited), field trips
February: On-campus speech contest (community people to be invited, the judges also to be invited from outside)
March: Lectures by the companies which could employ our students Candidate field trips: Disneyland, Mt. Fuji and Fujikyu Highland, Nikko Toshogu and Edomura Oarai Beach, Mt. Tsukuba + Forest Adventure, fruit picking, camping, recycling factory

*Example of the events in Tsuchiura area
Firefighting New Year's Ceremony (January), Hina Festival (February-March), Cherry Blossom Festival (April-May), Yabusame Horseback Archery Festival (April), Sightseeing Sailing Boat ( (July-October), Tsuchiura Gion Festival (July), Tsuchiura Kirara Festival (August), Karakasa Mando (August), Manabe Festival (August), Tsuchiura Takigi Noh (September), Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition (October) Curry Festival (November)

Around School

Facilities within a 10-minute walk or bicycle ride from the school.


  • Kasumi
  • Ecos
  • Yaks
  • Japan Meat

Food Service

  • McDonald
  • Saizeriya
  • Sukiya
  • Katsuya

Convenience Stores

  • Seven-Eleven
  • NewDays

Banks/Post Office

  • Mito Shinkin Bank
  • Japan Post Bank
  • Post Office

100 Yen Shop


Home improvement center

  • Joyful Honda

Futsal Court DO Football Park Arakawaoki

DO Football Park Arakawaoki

The futsal field is located right next to the school. Why not work up a sweat between studies?

Introduction of Ibaraki Prefecture

Cheerise Japanese Language Academy is located in Tsuchiura City, a core city in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture, blessed with water and greenery and rich in history and tradition, about an hour away from Tokyo by train.
The students can study in an optimal learning environment with easy access to Tokyo and surrounded by nature.

AEON MALL Tsuchiura

It is a shopping center located in Tsuchiura City. It is about 10 minutes by bus from Tsuchiura Station, which is 5 minutes away from Arakawaoki Station, the nearest station from the school. You can enjoy movies, shopping, and dining. There is also a 100-yen Daiso store where you can get almost everything you need here.

Ami Premium Outlets

This is a very popular outlet and about 20 minutes by bus from Arakawaoki Station, the nearest station from the school. It is lined with both national and international brand-name stores and restaurants.

Kasumigaura General Park

Located 10 minutes by bus from Tsuchiura Station, the nearest station from the school (5 minutes from Arakawaoki Station), Kasumigaura Comprehensive Park is a nature-rich park by Lake Kasumigaura with a large Dutch-style windmill. Visitors can also enjoy the illumination of the park in winter.


Lake Kasumigaura

The second largest lake in Japan. Mt. Fuji can be seen from Kasumigaura. The traditional sailboats can be seen from summer to autumn.


Kairakuen Garden

One of the three most famous gardens in Japan. The Ume (Plum Tree) Festival held from February to March attracts many tourists from all over Japan.


Kijo Park

A part of the former Tsuchiura Castle has been developed into a park, a valuable historical heritage that retains the atmosphere of a castle from a bygone era. It is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot, and the Tsuchiura Cherry Blossom Festival is held in spring.


Oarai Coast

Located on the Oarai Coast, Oarai Beach is a scenic 1.2-km stretch of spacious white sand and green pines. Not only can visitors enjoy swimming in summer, but there is also an observatory and an aquarium nearby that can be enjoyed throughout the year.


Tsuchiura National Fireworks Competition

One of the three major fireworks festivals in Japan, it is held every year in October. Many large and unusual fireworks are shot off, making it a very powerful event.

Easy Access within Japan and from Overseas

Tokyo Station

It takes about 1 hour by train to Tokyo Station, the gateway to Japan's transportation system.


Narita International Airport

One of the largest international airports in Japan. Along with Tokyo International Airport, it is the gateway to the Tokyo metropolitan area. It takes less than one hour by car.

Greetings from the School

Jushi Minamiguchi

Cheerise Japanese
Language Academy

Principal & Head Teacher

Toshi Nanko

Our school name, Cheerise, comes from the combination of “Cheer” and “Rise”. As it represents, we would like to cheer you up and support you at our best so that you will be able to proceed to further education or start working and soar sky high.
What is your dream? What made you interested in Japan? Why don’t you learn the Japanese language and about Japan with us to make your dream come true? You will be able to find by yourselves what you need and what you should do because our staff members always talk to each of you and provide you with various information and knowledge. We would like you to acquire Japanese language capability and knowledge about Japanese culture and society, then fly the nest and fly high in the future.
Our school is always behind you and cheer up even your future!

Yuki Ishimori

Cheerise Japanese
Language Academy

Acting Head Teacher

Yuki Ishimori

We are very much looking forward to seeing you. A Japanese language school is the place to learn Japanese language and also deepen mutual understanding. Therefore, we would like to talk to you all as much as possible. Let’s learn the Japanese language together, respect each other’s personality and have an enjoyable and fulfilling school life.
It must be a big decision for all of you to leave your country, family, friends and live alone in Japan. We would like to offer our best support to you who made such a brave decision so that we hope you would feel that you made a right decision to come to Japan. We are the best cheerleading team for you! Let’s make a new page of your life together at Cheerise Japanese Language Academy.

Takayoshi Komatsu

cheerise Co., Ltd

Takayoshi Komatsu

cheerise Co., Ltd. runs Cheerise Japanese Language Academy (CJLA). We are the group company of bring Co.,Ltd. , which is mainly involved with temporary staffing businesses. We have established CJLA, strongly wishing to be of any help for the foreigners like you to learn the Japanese language as we have more opportunities to deal with the foreigners through temporary staffing businesses.

We are very eager to help you have more options to be successful in Japan such as seeking higher education or good jobs and expand your future possibilities throughout the education at CJLA. Also, in addition to Japanese language education, we would like to offer you support such as individual counseling on your future plan to become independent in Japan even after graduation from our school.

We would like to welcome anyone who wishes to learn the Japanese language and seeks higher education or good jobs in Japan. Why don’t you knock on our door? The time when the rosy future you envision will come true is just ahead of you!

Cheerise Japanese Language Academy
2-8-2 Arakawaokihigashi, Tsuchiura-shi, Ibaraki 300-0871
  • Operated by cheerise Co., Ltd.
  • President: Takayoshi Komatsu
  • Group company: bring Co., Ltd.
  • CEO: Hiroyuki Shinozaki