*Graduation: March
*Classes to be assigned by us
*We offer the free elective special classes as extracurricular classes for higher education or finding a job.

Admission Fee and Tuition

When screening of the application documents by us and the examination of the status of residence by the Immigration Bureau of Japan are completed and the Certificate of Eligibility is issued, we will notify you directly or through the agents. Within one week after notification, please transfer the total amount to be paid for the first year as per the table below to the bank account designated by us. Upon our confirmation of the transfer, we will send you the Admission Letter and the Certificate of Eligibility.

* Notes on payment of tuition

  • ・Please pay the tuition for the 2nd year before the start of the new term. The specific payment period will be notified at that time.
    ・In principle, the payments already made will not be refunded. However, the refund clauses stated in the School Rules may be applied


Download the application forms
  • Documents required
  • ·Application Forms
  • ·Resume
  • ·Financial support documents
Download the Application Requirements